Thursday, 9 February 2012

Welcome To The Book Zone's Big Brother

Welcome to the 'grown-up' companion to The Book Zone (For Boys). If you have been to The Book Zone before coming here then you may already know that its primary focus is boy-friendly books for children and young adults.

Of course, my reading diet is not solely made up of books written for teens and kids, and since I established The Book Zone back in 2009 I have reviewed a number of adult books that I felt were suitable for older teens. My concern has always been that these adult books do not really 'fit' with the other books I review over there and so I have decided that it is time to give the adult book reviews a home of their own. And so The Book Zone's Big Brother is born.


  1. Fab idea for a blog! Looking forward to reading more of your reviews. Have you ever tried Chris Kuzneski? One of my favourite adult thriller writers!

  2. Thank you for the kind words. I have read several Chris Kuzneski books and loved them, although I am woefully behind in the series at the moment.